Article 1: Service description

The Varotis website enables subscribers to earn points by purchasing consumables in their usual stores. With these points, subscribers can purchase lots on the Varotis website, with the option of topping up with real money if required.

Article 2: Joining the Offer

To subscribe to the Varotis offer, customers must take out either the Free offer or the Premium offer (39.95 CHF or €) with no commitment. Subscribers can cancel before the end of the next billing period.

Article 3: Awarding Points

Customers must scan their receipt into the “My Account” section to have points credited to their account. A referral system is in place, enabling Premium subscribers to receive 200 points for referring a new subscriber.

Article 4: Termination

Customers wishing to cancel must do so before the end of the billing period.

Article 5: Delivery costs

Delivery costs CHF 9.95 or €. Varotis reserves the right to increase this rate in the event of large orders.

Article 6: Use of Points

Subscribers can use their points by making a request to Varotis to receive a one-off coupon for the value of the points they wish to use. Points can be exchanged for cash.

Article 7: Product warranty

New products come with a 2-year warranty in accordance with European standards. Varotis offers its subscribers a 6-month warranty on refurbished products purchased from the online store.

Article 8: Deliveries

Varotis and its team do their utmost to deliver products as quickly as possible. However, delays may occur due to unforeseen conditions. Once the order has been dispatched, a numerico tracking will be provided to enable customers to follow the progress of their parcels.

Article 9: Awarding of points

To earn points, you must submit scanned receipts that comply with certain rules.

Receipts must be legible and clearly show the date of purchase. In addition, they must be associated with a loyalty or payment card number. For points to be taken into account, the receipt must be scanned within 10 days of the date of purchase. Receipts can only be used once and cannot be transferred to other loyalty program members.

Please note that only edible food and non-alcoholic beverages will count towards points. Receipts containing non-edible products, such as cleaning products or toiletries, will not be accepted.

Article 10: Complaints

Customers can make a complaint or ask a question by writing to info@varotis.com.

Article 11: Participation in Varotis cashback

11.1 Persons who have registered for the Varotis program on the Varotis.com website (“participants”) may take part in the Varotis program. Registration is open to all natural persons with at least partial civil rights, as well as associations of persons and legal entities. Registration can only be done online.

11.2 As soon as the participant has registered, a personalized user account is created on Varotis. The user account is free for all participants. By registering and creating a user account, the contract is concluded between the participant and Varotis.

11.3 When registering, the participant is required to provide truthful information. Varotis must be notified immediately of any changes to the information provided. If the participant fails to meet this obligation, he will be held responsible for any inconvenience caused.

11.4 Varotis may refuse a participant’s registration without stating a reason.

Article 12: Cashback agreement

12.1 By participating in the Varotis program, the participant has the opportunity to receive cashback on purchases from Varotis partner companies. Once all the conditions set by varotis have been met, the indicated cashback will be credited to the user’s account at varotis.

12.2 Cashback can be earned through the conclusion of legal transactions (purchase of goods, use of services, etc.) with varotis partners within the framework of this program. Once a cashback transaction has been completed, the corresponding cashback will be temporarily credited to the participant’s account or paid out as a temporary credit note. The final credit is credited once all the conditions determined by Varotis have been met. The cashback credit can be cancelled if the participant violates the participation conditions or does not meet the cashback conditions. Cancellation remains possible even after payment of the final credit.

12.3 The cashback that varotis passes on to the participant is determined by varotis and depends on the type of package concluded. Certain goods and/or services may be excluded from cashback. The information presented to the participant is for informational purposes only and is not binding on Varotis.

12.4 Credit notes will only be paid to the participant if the following steps are taken when purchasing goods and/or using services from a Varotis partner company:

  • The participant has correctly registered on a Varotis platform.

  • The participant has logged on to a Varotis platform with his login and password.

  • The participant carried out a search on the Varotis website, clicked on a partner company displayed as a search result or in the categories and thus arrived directly at the partner company’s website.

  • The participant then concludes a contract with the partner company for goods and/or services.

  • The partner company has confirmed to Varotis the conclusion of the contract and the fulfillment of the contractual obligations between the partner company and the participant.

  • The commission agreed between Varotis and the partner company was credited in full, irrevocably and unconditionally to the varotis account.

Article 13: Cashback on fuel

The terms and conditions for scanning regulated fuel receipts with Varotis are as follows:

  • Registration and subscription

  • Registration on the Varotis platform and subscription to the premium membership are mandatory to benefit from the regulated fuel receipt scanning service.

  • The participant must provide accurate and complete information when registering.

  • Logging in and using the service

  • The participant must connect to the Varotis platform using the username and password provided during registration.

  • The participant can scan fuel purchase receipts, ensuring that the amount paid and the number of liters used are clearly legible.

  • Fuel receipts must be scanned within 15 days of purchase. If this time limit is exceeded, cashback will not be granted.

  • Using the payment card

  • The participant must use the same payment card for each cashback request.

  • The last 4 digits of the payment card must be identical for all scans in our system.

  • Matching cash register receipts and payment cards

  • No fuel cashback will be granted if the payment card used at a service station differs from the scanned receipts.

  • In the event of a discrepancy between the payment card used and the receipts, Varotis reserves the right to cancel the customer account without any refund of the amount paid for the subscription.

  • Limitation of liability

  • Varotis will do its utmost to ensure the proper functioning of the service, but cannot guarantee its uninterrupted or error-free operation.

  • Varotis shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of the service, including loss of data or financial loss.

  • Modification of general terms and conditions

  • Varotis reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be published on the Varotis platform or notified in some other way.

  • It is the participant’s responsibility to consult the general terms and conditions regularly to take note of any changes.

Article 14: Withdrawal of cashback

14.1 Free membership:

Free customers can request a withdrawal when their cashback balance reaches 30 euros. Bank transfers can take up to 5 working days. If no withdrawal request is made, the balance remains blocked on the customer’s account.

Free members can convert their accumulated Varotis points into cashback. For every 200 points, they can receive a 10% discount voucher in our online store or 1 euro in cashback. The choice is up to the customer.

14.2 Premium member:

Premium members can request a withdrawal as soon as their cashback balance reaches 20 euros. Bank transfers can take up to 5 working days. If no withdrawal request is made, the balance remains blocked on the customer’s account.

Premium members can convert their Varotis points into cashback. For every 100 points, they can receive 1 euro in cashback. Customers can choose to keep their Varotis points and convert them into discount vouchers at a later date. The choice is up to the customer.

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